Pure Line Clinic “Hair transplantation should be done in clinics by professional hands”

Selim Peltekci, Operations Manager of Pure Line Clinic, stated that hair transplantation applications have increased rapidly in recent years and stated that it is of vital importance that this procedure is carried out in professional hands and in a clinical setting approved by the Ministry of Health.

Pointing out that the interest in aesthetic operations has increased a lot recently, Peltekci emphasized that one of them is hair transplantation. Stating that some people experience hair loss due to stress or genetic factors since adolescence, Peltekci stated that they apply the transplantation procedures not only to the hair but also to areas such as the beard. Peltekci said, “Beards do not grow in beard areas due to genetic factors in some masculine individuals. Sowing procedures are now preferred by many people. But the reason they choose our clinics is because we offer them a really good service. Many of our patients from home and abroad visit us constantly. Turkey is very successful in hair transplants. We ask patients for their photos before they come. By making additions to it, we convey to them the final state of their hair through applications. We also work with an appointment system in order not to confuse them and ourselves. Thus, we save them from unnecessary travel costs and time wastage.

Peltekci said that those who want to have a hair transplant can call their center whenever they want, “Today, we have become a big family by taking part in Europe as well. Especially people who have undergone the treatment process with us before are very satisfied and they always recommend us to their friends. There are too many illegal hair transplant clinics in Turkey and those incoming patients should be very careful. We are honored by our patients to see us as the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. Our biggest goal now is to offer the best service to the people in Europe. People who have prejudices about hair transplantation can get through this process in a short time without fear. First, we make some analyzes and hair analyses for the people to be treated. Then we determine the location, amount, and region of the grafts being taken. We obtain the best quality grafts from the nape and behind the ear. During donor retrieval, we extract hair follicles using special micromotor devices. We make the grafts of better quality by keeping them in a special solution. Then, we add the grafts one by one in accordance with the natural growth direction of the hair. Thanks to this process, no traces are left. In addition, we aim and provide a painless procedure by applying local anesthesia.”


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